Desktip is completely free.

1. Register and login

2a. Search and follow channels related to your interests

2b. Search and follow tag channels related to your interests

2c. Search and add single wallpapers to your playlist with "add to playlist" button

3. A playlist of wallpapers got from your followed channels will be created automatically

4. Download the app

5. Get access to the app by logging in with the same user/password used to log on the website

6. Automatically get your favourite wallpapers straight on your device's background

7. Through the app you can forward, backward, pause the wallpapers playlist or set the automatic image change every "X" minutes

You can open Desktip clicking on the icon in the task-bar, on the lower right corner of your screen.



Desktip is a wallpaper streaming platform that allows you to get a constant live feed of images and visualize them straight on your device's background.

Desktip apps are compatible with any Android version and with windows XP or any later version.

Some antivirus software may still detect Desktip as a threat even if it is no threat at all but just a "false positive". If asked by your antivirus software, chose to set Desktip.exe as an exception. If your antivirus software moved Desktip.exe to the virus quarantine, open your antivirus quarantine and set Desktip.exe as an exception.
You can help us letting us know the name of your antivirus software that blocked Desktip. Contact us clicking here.

Some antivirus software may detect Desktip as a threat even if it is absolutely no threat at all.
Some of these antivirus software move the Desktip.exe in the "virus quarantine" without even asking.
Try to open your "quarantine" on your antivirus software and set Desktip.exe as an exception.

We are working to stop this "false positive" from happening.

Every Desktip user automatically gets a channel to share his/her wallpapers with the world

1. Register

2. Upload and tag your images

3. Wait for the staff approvation

4. Now you can see your wallpapers on your channel page.

5. Your followers visualize your images on their device as wallpapers

6. Tag channels' followers visualize your images as well if your wallpapers get enough "likes"

A tag channel is the first channel in the search results. It gathers together all the best wallpapers from the regular channels tagged with the keyword you searched. You can follow it exactly as any other regular channel.

The image must be 16:9 of aspect ratio and at least 2560 x 1440 of resolution.

To solve this problem follow the instructions:

1) Right-click on your desktop background

2) Click on "Personalization"

3) Click on "Desktop background"

4) Set on "Fill" the picture position

All the images must meet the community's quality requirements that include: resolution and beauty of the image and correspondence with the information inserted such as tags, title and description.

If you follow more than one channel, the slider defines how many wallpapers from a single channel are shown consecutively before showing the ones from the next channel and so on. When the channels are finished it starts over.

E.g.: You are following 2 channels:

Channel A: wallpaper 1A, wallpaper 2A, wallpaper 3A, wallpaper 4A
Channel B: wallpaper 1B, wallpaper 2B, wallpaper 3B, wallpaper 4A

The slider is set on "2"

The resulting playlist is:

wallpaper 1A, wallpaper 2A, wallpaper 1B, wallpaper 2B, wallpaper 3A, wallpaper 4A, wallpaper 3B, wallpaper 4B

No you can not upload an image without owning the rights or the permission of the autor.

Desktip has no responsibility on the behavior of members of its community but if you want to notify a copyrights violation you can do it through the form at the bottom of this page, specifying:

- The URL of the page with the disputed image

- Any proof of your actual ownership of the image

- Your personal information

If your request gets accepted we will remove the content immediately.

For any further question contact us through the form below or at our facebook page.

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