Desktip is free for Windows Desktop and Android.

Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista. No need of installation.

Desktip is in Beta version, please be patient. Any feedback from you is a precious help for us to build a better product so don't be shy, let us know If you spot any bug or have any problem. Drop us a line by clicking here.



Some antivirus software may still detect Desktip as a threat even if it is no threat at all but just a "false positive". If asked by your antivirus software, chose to set Desktip.exe as an exception. If your antivirus software moved Desktip.exe to the virus quarantine, open your antivirus quarantine and set Desktip.exe as an exception.
You can help us letting us know the name of your antivirus software that blocked Desktip. Contact us clicking here.

Google Chrome may visualize this message:google-false-positive

Click on "Keep" to use Desktip.

Desktip ©[2017] - Beta version

Crafted in London because we had no to go out, in San Francisco because we got  and in MiTo because we lost our  So we made this absolutely without

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